My mom is a genius =D

Its been a long time since I update my blog.
ahh, my mom just made this food for like a week ago maybe.

sorry for the blurness. camera quality.

the story behind this food comes like this.
my sister & I was discussing whether we try the original can of tuna we used to buy or try the new can. so our final answer is, we bought both. well, aren't we genius? :P

the day after tomorrow, my sister tried the new can of tuna and It sinks a lot. but I saw beside the tuna can writing: Dolphin Friendly. well man! I don't want to hurt the dolphins but I want delicious tunas -.-. so we just dump it there and now one touch it.

finally, one day I was back from school and my mom cooked something for me, I ate it with bread because I am starving. my mom said that the lunch she prepared for me was THE STINKING T U N A! -.- with onion egg. can you believe it? I ate the whole can -.-

well, at least I am being Dolphin Friendly though =D.

school was mad, for a reason. I just wanted to scream:



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