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will post next Friday :)

ICAS- Maths =D

Sorry about the previous post guys!
Nothing interesting in there, I mean seriously! =D.

I participated the ICAS competition. some kind of  International Exam =). Held on July 26, I guess.
I'm not Pro! Everyone can participate, seriously! :)
I participated Maths. I know I ♥ Maths, alot :D. but my marks were kinda, . . & . =/

I'm going with MT, and I'm gonna get that diploma, for the first time =].

My bus was late for school today, sprint up my class.
Oh god. --

I held a girl's hand for the first time.
She's Reika! My leng lui dear~ :)) ♥

-someone, I am very jealous when your with her today. but when you teman me walk. I really ganjiong & gamdong. Eventhough you don't love me jor, my heart is only filled with you now. I love you and all. I don't wanna break up. but you chose to. I don't want to leave you.-

Valentines Day 2011 ♥

09/02/11 @ Wednesday.

Firstly, “OUCH! That hurts!” to the cruel Injection :(
Can't eat peanut or egg for a week, and damn :/


Skip ♥
14/02/11 @ -Monday
“Happy Valentines Day 2011! ♥”

spread the love people ! :D

Questions you may interest with:
Love Valentine Gift
Valentine Hug
Valentine Kiss Have a date

I'm going on,

Valentine sweets to friends
Valentine hug from Chin Yen @ 17/02/11
Valentine Gift from Chin Yen too :)

Valentines day,
Appreciate your partner,,

Candy for friends

Yen's Angel ♥
 Yeah babyeh, Thats my Valentines Day! =D
Dear someone, I hope to give you some candy, yet you didn't wait for me after school ):

Gong Hei Fat Choi ♥

2/2/11 @ Wednesday 三十
Hello Hello :). before posting this superduperawesomemanyphotos post, let me wish all of you,
Gong Hei Fat Choi! :D
sorry for not on blog for a long time :/.
Anyway, lets start :)
Reunion Dinner today, finally can sit around and eat together as a family.
Someone called during 1.09 a.m. my favorite voice of his
S K I P ♥

4/2/11 @ Friday 初二
Second day of Chinese New Year. Cousins came to my house.

Big Happy Family ♥

 Skip ♥
While night, we pack up and balik kampung in a sudden. But, It was also a happy thing. Gather with my lovely cousins and grandma too :D

On the way back to kampung C:

I ate these in the morning
Iphone from cousin. Oh tap tap :)
Rode these and fly :X
 Shuddap bear :D
 These in noon :]
Radio listening anyone? :)


By the way, I register Twitter,
Follow me babes & dudes ;)

Vic's Twitter.
Tweet Tweet :3

Happy Chinese New Year to all! ;D

Happy Chinese New Year to all yeah~ :))

除夕快乐 babies!

hu la la.
Firstly, Hello February , I did this kind of "Hello" thing every month :P.
Its Random :).
除夕快乐 babies!