Gong Hei Fat Choi ♥

2/2/11 @ Wednesday

Hello Hello :).
before posting this superduperawesomemanyphotos post,
let me wish all of you,

Gong Hei Fat Choi! :D

sorry for not on blog for a long time :/.

Anyway, lets start :)

Reunion Dinner today, finally can sit around and eat together as a family.

Someone called during 1.09 a.m.
my favorite voice of his



4/2/11 @ Friday

Second day of Chinese New Year.
Cousins came to my house.

Big Happy Family



While night, we pack up and balik kampung in a sudden.
But, It was also a happy thing. Gather with my lovely cousins and grandma too :D

On the way back to kampung C:

I ate these in the morning

Iphone from cousin. Oh tap tap :)

Rode these and fly :X

 Shuddap bear :D

 These in noon :]

Radio listening anyone? :)


By the way, I register Twitter,
Follow me babes & dudes ;)

Vic's Twitter.
Tweet Tweet :3


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