Valentines Day 2011 ♥

09/02/11 @ Wednesday.

Firstly, “OUCH! That hurts!” to the cruel Injection :(

Can't eat peanut or egg for a week, and damn :/



14/02/11 @ -Monday

“Happy Valentines Day 2011!

spread the love people ! :D

Questions you may interest with:

Valentine Gift
Valentine Hug
Valentine Kiss
Have a date

I'm going on,

Valentine sweets to friends
Valentine hug from Chin Yen @ 17/02/11
Valentine Gift from Chin Yen too :)

Valentines day,
Appreciate your partner,,

Candy for friends

Yen's Angel ♥

 Yeah babyeh, Thats my Valentines Day! =D

Dear someone, I hope to give you some candy, yet you didn't wait for me after school ):


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