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30 March 2011 . Wednesday .
Went dating with Wern Shien , Jia Wei , Zi Xuan and the others@ DBKL .
We went there by Monorail of course , after school , the monorail station was packed with students .
This is my first time traveling by monorail , I have never travel by Monorail before , hehe , we bought the tickets from Constantine and uhh , we start our JOURNEY! =D .

First , we went to Hang Tuah and we transfer station to Masjid Jamek . Okay , so I admit that we totally get to the wrong station ! For me , Its the first time I travel the wrong station by Monorail ! :)

We took not much photos ;) .

Later that , We went back to school along with Zuyi , Wan Lih , Sai Lou and of course POTATO ! -.-

We just want to whole world to DANCE ! =D

Keep postponing the post until now. Sorry guys ! x(
Do you guys miss me ? :)

Lets start my story that I postpone for the whole week -.-

Sunday ; 20/03/11
Went Sogo for shopping . and have our dinner @ Siang.
Firstly, thumbs up for Siang . Good service and mouth watering food ;) .

I was so shocked the other day .
My sweetie pie ChinYen totally gave me a present I like sooo muchiee .
Thank you sooo muchie ! ♥ ^_____^

How did I spend my holiday ?
Maybe some of you may as .

This lah !
I am so funny leh ~
This is how I spend my whole week holiday .
Note to self : This game is quite good :X

And uhh, I started all over again.
If your interest , Brick Breaker is tha name ;) .

DBKL tomorrow, maybe ? :(

#479 I want to cry loud, someone please lend me your shoulder?

HELLO earthlings,
I appologize for the late post. I was freaking death when I saw my result. My heartbeat almost stop. I wanted to die there :(. That is the reason I wrote my status:

"Sometimes you just feel like your the most stupid among your classmates ! "
Don't you agree? And yes, I am not afraid to admit that I failed my Math.


I'm so down.

=( mm... Thanks for reading..................................................................

Long time no see___ VIDEO!

Hello hello,
Its ages since I put a music video here. Am I right?
I found a nice songs and I knew It was quite over season but the music still nice :). TEEHEHE :D.

I totally support my favourite youtubers for donating money to Japan, ILY all.


讓我找到真正的自由 - Lara -

“ 記 得 要 幸 福 。”

Sy's holiday life. ♥

Sister bought me someSubway to start my holiday journey! =)

but I adore Délifrancemore ;D.
My sister made some grill cheese sanwiches in Saturday morning. Oh how I love breakfast ! ^___^

Yesterday, Monday night. Its a fun night :)))).
went out with some random uncle & auntie to dine.


Exam days. )=

Hello world ♥
I did not post anything since February. FYI: 6 posts on February only! :(.
so I am going to make it up for ya. I will post as much as I can on March. yippoooos! *claps*

Haha, cut the crap and get start.

My exam days were tough. I went over hard times. But thanks to all my friends who support me & the one who doesn't reply my support message. I know your busy studying :). Studied with Wern Shien, Carmen, Janice, Jia Wei & another Victoria (Station Victoria a.k.a Minyu) the whole freaking hardcore week. I am the only dumb person in that group =X. Pai seh larhs smart peoples! :D

First day:
Geography; rugi liao, rugi liao :(
Maths; hard. very. but some easy.

Second day:
Chemistry; not bad :)
Sejarah; not over 38 must die infront of Cikgu Chan lah people. normal.

Third day:
Science; sambil buat sambil ketawa? :))))
Biology; alien language, FYI: even A class people also agree Its hard.
Fourth day:
Chinese; oh nooo ):
Kemahiran Hidup; tembak lah weh…

To one of my favorite country ♥

Just got earthquake and many of them died, lost their homes, lost their family and even some lost their one and only child.

If you don't care, just leave it here instead of reading this post since you don't care at all. But you, the people who read the newpaper, watch the television, or knew the earthquake of Japan.

*PLEASE!From this minute, don't care how you hate Japan, who are you, where are you or what are you. Just wrap your hands together and pray. Pray for Japan, pray for their citizens, pray for god to help them and more.*

Japan earthquake pictures:

Japan will survive! :).

I mean, Finally ! =D

Hello world! Its a very long period or time since I drop here.

Do you miss me?
say you do :)

27 FEB 2011, Sun

Midvalley with my & sis =)
Winnie The Poison-.-

Noodles from the menu

sister & I

here's my favorite part, the mouth watering food! :D


my creation -.-

:) ♥

my very own sneakers! :)

3 March-11 March 2011 exam week! 
There's more, not only here -.-

I took pills, find the hidden mickey x).

I got sore throat, nose block, headache
I can't speak, now :(

Exam's FAULT! D:
and now I can rest =)
I mean, Finally! =D
Stop smiling to me babyeh, I will melt ):
♥ -