Exam days. )=


Hello world
I did not post anything since February. FYI: 6 posts on February only! :(.
so I am going to make it up for ya. I will post as much as I can on March. yippoooos! *claps*


Haha, cut the crap and get start.

My exam days were tough. I went over hard times. But thanks to all my friends who support me & the one who doesn't reply my support message. I know your busy studying :). Studied with Wern Shien, Carmen, Janice, Jia Wei & another Victoria (Station Victoria a.k.a Minyu) the whole freaking hardcore week. I am the only dumb person in that group =X. Pai seh larhs smart peoples! :D

First day:
Geography; rugi liao, rugi liao :(
Maths; hard. very. but some easy.

Second day:
Chemistry; not bad :)
Sejarah; not over 38 must die infront of Cikgu Chan lah people. normal.

Third day:
Science; sambil buat sambil ketawa? :))))
Biology; alien language, FYI: even A class people also agree Its hard.
Fourth day:
Chinese; oh nooo ):
Kemahiran Hidup; tembak lah wehhhh :(

Fifth day:
History; first time agree Its hard
BM: I don't know what happened to that paper. :/

Sixth day:
English; quite okay! =)
Physics; dot dot dot lah :/

Last day:
Geografi; *grins* hehe :)

All this week we worked very effing hard to reach the results. I hope we're the best! =)

By the way, I updated my blog. weeeeee~

 " Someone, I miss you :( "



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