I mean, Finally ! =D

Hello world!
Its a very long period or time since I drop here.

Do you miss me?
say you do :)

27 FEB 2011, Sun

Midvalley with my & sis =)

 Winnie The Poison -.-

Noodles from the menu

sister & I

here's my favorite part, the mouth watering food! :D



my creation -.-


my very own sneakers! :)

3 March-11 March 2011
exam week! 

There's more, not only here -.-

I took pills, find the hidden mickey x).

I got sore throat, nose block, headache
I can't speak, now :(

Exam's FAULT! D:

and now I can rest =)

I mean, Finally! =D

Stop smiling to me babyeh, I will melt ):



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