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"Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life." ♥

Hello world :). What I am going to post about today is the final day of our exam. By the way, sorry Its quite late.
June 24 2011@Midvalley (Friday) -Girl's hangout- ♥
Finally, Its the final day of the second semester exam.
After the last paper, a.k.a KH I screamed out very loud and the teacher may heard me :P.

After that, Carmen, Janice, Wern Shien & Me straight to Midvalley.
After changing, we headed toRedbox, while Janice went along with her friends.
'Cause she don't want to get in Karaoke though :).

The air-cond chills me, I think I almost turn into a ice cube :3

I really had fun with all of them, I hope we can hangout again ♥

“What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies”

stay tune my next post.

I have learnt 'Love' & 'Appreciate' from you ♥

Hello beautiful ;D. I am back. I know, I know, I should have update yesterday. But but, I am busy about something :].
June 18 2011@ Midvalley (Saturday)
The whole family went to Midvalley that day
The whole family= father, mother, sister, me :)
What do you expect when I say the whole family? ;)

Happy Father's Day to my 101% Daddy ! ♥ :3

I may not say 'I love you' to you, but In my heart,
I will always love you

Restaurant: Ding Tai Feng

Speaking about angry bird....

Funny video by Riketube.
And his sister, Bubzbeauty.

Enjoy =) ♥
Stay Tune for my next post ^___^


Pavilion Vs Grandmother Birthday

Hello world ! =) Finally I am back to update my inactive blog.  *clapstomyself*
And finally the exams is Over ! But Its over for temporary, 'cause, PMR is around the corner though.
So still, I have to work hard for this year. Wish me luck :3. ♥
 Anyway, there are actually 3 delayed post by me.  But I am only going to post 2 today. 'Cause there is too much picture but so less space x)
June 04 2011 @ Pavilion (Saturday)

Can we count It as a family day? :D
My family and I went there.

We have our dinner at La Lot, a Vietnamese Cuisine
Rating: 4/5

The atmosphere there was... Romantic? =P
La Lot is also a cosy restaurant.
The air conditioner chills me -.-.

June 06 2011 (Monday)
We went out to celebrate our Grandmama's birthday =)


“I can finally see the lights above the sky as the clouds were dark for one week.”
Yo ! *withacutevoice* :3 Its been a week since then =)
Buuuuuuuuuuuut, I AM BACK ! =D
This is just a short update here.


update update ! =3

Hiya guys ! Its awhile ;-) just popping up here to update my deserted blog :-(.
Anyway, I wasted my holiday for Facebook, such a time waster ! Ugrhhh ! I hate it.
Like I said, time FLIES ! like a rocket, very fast ! :-(
School starts tomorrow ! sad case yeah. Thank godness I just fnished my homework. Tha Chinese Essay, 400 words
with this title above.
Well, Exams are coming soon, very soon. I am going to start studying NOW. I know Its too late :-(. haizz
But no matter, I will try my best !
Good Luck to me ! =)

Back to school.... :(