"Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life." ♥

Hello world :).
What I am going to post about today is the final day of our exam.
By the way, sorry Its quite late.

June 24 2011 @ Midvalley
-Girl's hangout-

Finally, Its the final day of the second semester exam.
After the last paper, a.k.a KH I screamed out very loud and the teacher may heard me :P.

After that, Carmen, Janice, Wern Shien & Me straight to Midvalley.
After changing, we headed to Redbox, while Janice went along with her friends.
'Cause she don't want to get in Karaoke though :).

Wern Shien & I

Carmen & I
The air-cond chills me, I think I almost turn into a ice cube :3

Me singing :3. I Singing!

My buffet.

oh oh, I love this one ;D

Janice, Carmen, Wern Shien, Victoria

Look! Its Mamalia :X

Carmen, Janice, Victoria.

Carmen, Wern Shien, Victoria

# 2 ;]

I really had fun with all of them, I hope we can hangout again

“What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies”

stay tune my next post.


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