I have learnt 'Love' & 'Appreciate' from you ♥

Hello beautiful ;D.
I am back.
I know, I know, I should have update yesterday.
But but, I am busy about something :].

June 18 2011 @ Midvalley

The whole family went to Midvalley that day
The whole family= father, mother, sister, me :)
What do you expect when I say the whole family? ;)

Happy Father's Day to my 101% Daddy !

I may not say 'I love you' to you, but In my heart,
I will always love you

Restaurant: Ding Tai Feng

All time favourite :)

rating: 5/5 *thumbsup* =]

Picture of the day,  ANGRY BIRDS 

Speaking about angry bird....

Angry Bird Plushies how cute :3

Funny video by Riketube.
And his sister, Bubzbeauty.

Enjoy =)
Stay Tune for my next post ^___^



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