june June JUNE ! :-D

I am that fair you know xP !

Hello guys ! :)
 Time is such a strange thing.
I still remember when the day I said:
" I will score 8A's for PMR "
till now, ahem :X.

Just a wink of an eye,
Pop !
Its already JUNE !

Mcdonald for Breakfast ! :-))

Seriously, this is the first time having Mcdonald in the morning.
See ! our school MCD, I help you with your business ! :X
Ai yar, am I too weird or whattt???? 8D

I will cherish this moment in my life xD
So Chik-Chak !
I took it down and now in my blog :)

This is me hanging on the Internet since MORNIN' XD


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