Pavilion Vs Grandmother Birthday

Hello world ! =)
Finally I am back to update my inactive blog.

And finally the exams is Over ! But Its over for temporary, 'cause,
PMR is around the corner though.
So still, I have to work hard for this year.
Wish me luck :3.

 Anyway, there are actually 3 delayed post by me. 
But I am only going to post 2 today.
'Cause there is too much picture but so less space x)

June 04 2011 @ Pavilion

Can we count It as a family day? :D
My family and I went there.

We have our dinner at La Lot, a Vietnamese Cuisine
Rating: 4/5

The atmosphere there was... Romantic? =P
La Lot is also a cosy restaurant.
The air conditioner chills me -.-.

Mr.Bean x).

My Meal =)

I am suppose to wrap there with the white flour thing below, but...

Epic fail ! -.- The material burst out from the thin flour. Trust me, the flour is SUPER THIN ! D:

Me with Green lantern thingy.

Suuuuperman =) HIYAYAYAA XD

Is Black Eye Peas original band name XD

Japanese Ice-cream

Oishi o(v )o

Me having the melted Ice-cream.

June 06 2011

We went out to celebrate our Grandmama's birthday =)

Hey guys ! :)

Grandmama looked so annoyed.


desserts :B


2 cakes ! ^^

cousin & I

white chocolate above the cak ^^

my photography =]

Stay Tune for my next post ;D


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