IGB/IU ! ♫

Its July 2011 ! :)
I heard someone said that July of 2011 is a lucky month.
Why? :O
This is because July of 2011 has 5 Friday, Saturday and Sundays.
Check the previous year calender of July, It doesn't have this lucky thing :)

Speaking of July,
our school held a International Understanding Day for all people to visit us.
Date: 16/7/11 (Next Sat)
Places: Kuen Cheng Hall
And that day, I will be dating with my precious Jolyn! ;).
We bought our tickets from Wern Shien :D

I kept Jolyn's ticket :3

Oh my sky (learn from Jolyn), you saw me! :X
I am very exciting for that day.
Can't wait any longer xD !

Not to forget, we have lucky draw to win prizes =).
Prizes, Prizes, Prizes ! xD.

Question: What does IGB mean from your title?
- IGB means Idol Give Back. IGB is just my language.

Question: What does IU mean?
-IU means International Understanding Day.

Check out my next post :).
Thank you ! ^^


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