IU Day ♥

Yesterday, IU day ! :)
Spend good time with,
Jolyn babe, Eugene Joey, Henry Chan & Stella.

After school, went OldTown to have lunch with Jolyn & Janice

Jolyn & Janice

my fugly face and cutie Jo :)

Jolyn is molesting my wallet >3<

Our order =D

Janice & I

My, so call Polo Bun O.O.

Hot chocolate :D

After OldTown, Jo & I rushed back to school to gather with Henry, Stella & Eugene.
but Jolyn & I got late :X.
Sorry lah guys! X(

We hurry change and fly to the hall.
dude, we sprint all the way D:

see Jo's face then you know -.-


heh, Its us !

Eugene, =).

Last but not least, myself :D

Stay tune for ma next post :)
Thank you for reading.



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