School Life, July.

Hello readers! :)
I decided to post about my JULY school life here, 
since my babe posted on her blog.

I don't know If she put private or not. sowie :'(.

Before I start, I have some random pictures to share xD.

Random picture of my sister & I. :)

Cousins playing my computer. Plants vs Zombies! RAWR :3

try it, you'll never regret _

26/7/11, I participated the ICAS Maths Exam,
the questions were, not bad. but the time was, ahem =3=.

School is fun, yet tired. :'(
Everyday, I laugh the whole freaking day.
I didn't listen to teacher, skipped homework and etc.

I always play with Jolyn, Min Er, Phyllis Tan.
and sooner or later Yi Chuan, Chang Wang joined.
always blast off or should I say, EXPLODE 3 times everyday.

next post: Random restaurant,
stay tune for more post ;).
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