Angry-nerhs... will destroy happy-nerhs

Photography by me, :)

I wish that we are like the cherries,
stick together forever

School was bored today :(.
The others were busy preparing Open Day for tomorrow.
While Jolyn, My only one & I slacked around the school.
We sat at the canteen for like, from morning till school is over -.-.

We met Mun Teng, both Yi Ling, Yi Mein, Monica & etc..
and hey, sorry for the late update x(.

Last Saturday,

Cousin's wedding, let the pictures do the talking ;).

Facebook profile picture, next ;-)

my beautiful sister & I.

My sis & I was too bored there while waiting for the food.
so, we took our cousin's glasses &... xD

see, leng lui punya xD

next stop, myself. :)

I like this, yum yum! :)

Samsung Galaxy is the bomb. I want one! ><

hello :)

BOOOOOOOOOOO. Ghost here :]


七夕节快乐 ♥!


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