MERDEKA. A word that shines the whole Malaysia =).

Every Malaysia citizens will know what day it is today.
And today is the day that WE, Malaysia citizens, must be proud of :).

Form 3 students, do you remember this picture? xD

Happy 54th Independent day
to Malaysia!

Satu Malaysia.

I search 'Merdeka' through Wikipedia, and it says,

Independent or freedom
For more
click here.

My bro nudged me at 12 Midnight yesterday, lol -.-
He nudged me just to say

see, how excited is he -.-.
Screaming Merdeka and salam satu Malaysia there xD.

29Aug2011. Monday.

I had lunch with Joey & Michelle at Star Village.


we even try out the cheese escargot which I think It is horrible at first ._.
The food there was not bad :).

Okay, thats all for today =).
Thanks for reading, I appreciate it


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