our society made this.
my group mates: Joey, Xin Yi & Sze Jun? (ps, I don't know how to spell your name x()

Is it nice? ^.^

Just want to keep myself update! x)

 For these fifteen years, I never like P.E before xD.
 Until today, when I met him.
 Lol, sounds kinda like a love story.
 No lah.
 Actually is this teacher we met :).
 While P.E, our P.E teacher went for a meeting.
 so, this teacher came for substitute class.
he taught us how to play basketball and stuff.
I love it ! :D.
I hope he is my P.E teacher :(.
He is way more better than our P.E teacher. eeks!

Chemistry period, Jo & I copied both our bio papers.
got caught by teacher & fish. :'(

Thats all for today xD.
I know It's not interesting.

Thanks for reading, loves


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