Cousin Brother wedding :3

Sorry that I delayed this post :(.
But here it is now :).


their love

the day before the wedding, we slept at 3 or 4 a.m.
But woke up at 7a.m. without feeling tired at all =3=.
We're crazy much ._.

Relatives hogging the living room and so so -.-.

Part 1.

The bride came :)).

cousin brother (purple shirt) opening the door :3.

~Part 1 End~

Before the bride comes :).

时代变, 百万富翁都要在 ipad 2 玩 xD

My cousin brother & I (ugly me~)

This girl, is hyper and cute!

Part 2.

cute girl taking pictures with phone xD.

There is no picture about me and my close relatives,
it is because some ass didn't help me take.
I asked him to take it for me and he said yeah,
but later I realize that he didn't.
What an ass :).


I'm also blueeee xD

~Part 2 End~

Part 3.

~Part 3 End~

Thats for all :).

 I hope they stay happy forever ~ ♥ 

-Thanks for reading,
I appreciate it -

stay tune for my next post ^^.


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