PMR 2011

Guess what day is? :O
Hello Mellow ~ :)
Sorry I delayed a post again :/
PMR exam crashing through my veins :(

This post is for the day before PMR starts.
Oct 4, I will remember and waiting this day to come x(

First Day, BM
Second Day, English and Geography
Third Day, Science and Sejarah
Fourth Day, Maths and Kemahiran Hidup
Fifth Day, Chinese.

doing revision and realize that...

Guess a word, start with F, end with UCK :).

Screw those who think dirty :P. hehe

Curi-curi online the other day xD.
Found this song :).

孫耀威-You and I

Romantic :3.

Thats for it today, Bless I get 7A'S! :)


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