Our Bond ♥ --- Graduation trip part 1

Hello dear readers! (:
Now I am going to post about JR3C Graduation Trip
 @Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam

 Maybe this will also be a long post
cause there will be many pictures!
We went there for 3 days,
so today I'm going to post the first day of our trip :D.
Catch out for the rest! ^^

 Before I start this post,
I apologize that most of the Vlog can't upload in here :(.
Sorry! T^T.

16 Nov 2011. Wednesday.

Met dear Phyllis 11a.m. @ Midvalley, South Gate.
Helped her carry things :).
Then all of us gather @ 3rd floor, food court.

Jolyn here to say GOODMORNING

Wern Shien, LOL (girl with MCD packet)

After that,
In bus =D.

Jia yin dear notice my camera! :X

Kai Zen, Shu Thai! ^^

永祥gorgor :D.

Actually I have 2 Vlog right here :(
Blogger doesn't allow me to post in here.
Keep reject me!

After we arrived.
We went to our cabin!

Our cabin (:

The sign :O.

Jolyn! =]

Myself; credits to Jolyn~

We moved our belonging into the cabin :).

Our food :D.

Our food #2 =).

From the left: Jia Wei, Wern Shien. Right: 惟恩, Shin Wei & Jolyn.

My room mates for 2 nights =).

Me & Wern. credits to Jia Wei ^^

Thank kew Wern Shien & Shin Wei for the snacks :D.

Cleared our belongings !
We went outside to gather.
Mosquitoes around :(
Omgawdddd! T^T.

Outside view :). Breatheeee! Oxygen! xD

Jolyn so white! x( *jealous* haha

Heeeeeyo! =D

We all walked to season house =3=.

@ Season House.

Its freaking freeze in there!
Our guide brought us in there since we're sweating just now >.<"

Almost turn into these :O.

The boys playing with Ice. wtfff -.-

Jolyn & Vic ^^

Oh here's Jiayin! (:


Shu Thai & Mr. Tan Yew Keat! -.-

LOLOL, his piece is so fail :X

DoReMi ^___^

FaSo :X

来个全体照! ;). JR3C

My camera turn into blur mode,
so as everyone's :/.
Too much freezing, for the camera.
Camera was on melting mode :X.

-Melting mode-

Aww, so sweet larh both of them ^^

I saw an Angel! o_o

How beautiful. (Not me of course, the view lah :X)

Nahh! This is beautiful indeed larh! (View + Angel =3)

Lake =O

While walking, we saw this tree house.
So wonderful! (:
Just like I dream when I was young :X.
Childish! >.<"
So my ambition is to be Tarzan xD.

Its convo time! xD
Both Jolyn & I saw the tree house while walking.

J for Jolyn, V for me ^^.

J: 这个可以爬上去的吗?
V: 哪里可以喔! 酱笨么 -.-
永祥哥哥: 来我们爬上去!
V: -.- (PWNED!)
J: Laughing at me.

J: Can we climb up there?
V: Cannot larh of course! so dumb -.-
永祥哥哥: Come on! Lets climb up there!

Jolyn, 我服了你! :X

The thing that I hate the most about this tree house is...
The stairs! :(
High & Die -.-.

This is Jolyn & Me. Shin Wei behind =P

Look at the second name. And the middle finger beside ._.

Reika, Jo, Vic =D.

Jia Yin, Jo, Vic (Retard with a purple shirt~)

Jia Wei & Wern Shien! ^___^

Jo & Vic. Swingggggg =P

Its raining while we're walking back to our cabin :(
-Sad case-
10 + girls used 2 hours to bath.
We're awesome and we know it :P.

Had dinner @ the boy's cabin.

Spaghetti for dinner

After dinner, we went back to our cabin ~ :).

Jolyn with Shin Wei's star . cuteee!

Me with star!

Girl's towel :X. The center with checkers is mine -.-

Introduction -.-.
Game time.

Your name:
Your favourite thing to do:
Thing you don't like to do:

Final 3 :P. (Saw Jolyn? :DD)

The winner is....
Tan Yen Yee =)

Ah Lai & Yen Yee~ ^^

Good Night Everyone


So, this is the first day of us, JR3C
 @Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam

~57 photos in a total~

Catch out next post.
2nd day of JR3C @ Taman Pertanian.


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