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12Nov2011 Sat.

This is the day that we finally step out from Junior life,
and straight ahead to achieve our Senior life.

16 years old, also known as Honeymoon year,
will be devastate :X.
By school work and much more.

JR3C 2011.
All the best in our senior lives! :D.

I will remember the times that we,
Making such noises in class.
Acting really stupid sometimes.
Burst out of laughing when trouble happens.
Fooled by teachers during April Fools Day.
Making fun of teachers.
(Especially our favourite English teacher ! :P)

Not just those part :P.
We also worked hard for every exam.
Chatted everything.
Took pictures with each other.

~Our memories will always be in our hearts,
deep down,
never forget all of us!~

And now is picture time!

Stella, Constance, Haley, Yun Wei, Yvonne & Suk Min.

Words for Stella, Constance, Haley, Yun Wei, Yvonne, Suk Min:
Thanks for being my friends in this year :)
It is lucky to know all of you.
May all of you happy and good in your studies ! ^^

Turtle Teo =P.

Hey gab, not sure If your reading this, but still, I wanna write here :).
Thank kew for being with me when I feel frown.
Always smile for those who need it.
I hope you will live happy and smile always yarh!
Turtle Teo :P.

Rachel, Victoria, Shin Wei & Wern Shien =D.

Harlo girls :).
You all are very the polite lorh :X.
Not like me, hehe :P.
Thanks for being such friends for me.
I will appreciate our friendship.

Ng Yi Ning ^_^

We knew each other through Mun Teng :).
I remember that first time you keep asking what my name was.
You always forgot mine but I remember yours :X.
Now you finally remember! lol.
All the best my friend! :D.

Chai Yi Ling ;)

We also knew each other through Mun Teng though.
Well girl, I am going to miss you so so so so so much!
Thanks for giving me a good time, last time's bus trip :X lol.

Tan Shi Min =D.

You are a funny girl who always make people smile when they are frown ;).
I just don't know what to say to ya.
Thanks for being such a friend!
I will miss you too! :D.

Toh Jolyn Jolyn babe.

I own this woman! :D
She is the one I can talk to, share to, make jokes at.
And our topics will never ever end.
It is because we talked tooooo much!
Well maybe just me :X.
Study smart and don't always EMO! =D.

Lim Yihong (Old wrinkle gay grandpa xD)

blek blek blek :P (What a fugly face of mine, but who cares? This is the real me :D.)

Old wrinkle gay grandpa Lim Yihong! :P
If I call you this right now,
You'll probably going to call me lesbian grandpa back =3=.
Thank kew for being my secret sharer xD.
And also a great bus mate that others think that we're couple -.-.
Arh.. Lol :X.
Good Luck in your future studies! (:

Kai Zen, Yihong, Chin Kiet, Chui Zhan, Guo Xuan.

Ho Wan Yen (:

This is a cute, kind & sweet girl.
We always tab on each other shoulders then act like strangers :X.

"我认识你的么?? :P"

Mr. Loong! :D


你看起来真的有大老板的气质 :X
有时候的你却很搞笑滴! :D
那就是... 严肃--- :|

Chong Ni Ting. =)

Yay! We finally got one picture together liao :3.
Although we not so close to each other,
but you are still part of my friend :)).

Au Kai Zen :D SEXY MAN!

Hello Kai Zen, Kadazan Au, Kelapa Sawit Au, Shanon & more names :).
Sat infront of me N months.
Sure beh tahan me right?
I always play with your chair :)).
Arh weeeeee~
And always annoy you ~ :P.
Hope you don't mind ><"
Good Luck to you!!! (:

Turtle & Edward Guo Xuan.

Jia Yin & Gay grandpa :)

Chin Kiet, Kai Zen, Joe Don & Yong Wai.

Prisoners 2011 :X.

Photographic :)


Credits to Mr. Tan Yew Keat ! :P

My dear, Chow Jia Yin :D.

谢谢你一直以来都视我为好友 :).
所以, 要幸福. 要开心.
坚持! 勇敢! :D
祝你顺顺利利, 漂漂亮亮, 开开心心! 

Edward Guo Xuan.

其实你在朋友中真的算很不错啦 =).
要快乐噢! =D.

Chuah Shu Thai (Porkie Bro :PP)

Buddha heard me :).
So, Buddha gave me both good brothers like you & Stephen :D.
Both of you are the greatest brother =)))!
Study smart & hard, stay chubby :3 and of course don't forget to SMILE! =D

Mr. Tan Yew Keat! =3=

You are the funny one ! =3=
We same class 2 years already! (:
But next year maybe no chance le ><
But still, I hope you study smart & hard, good luck!
Remember 28th!!! -.-
Don't ever FFK -.-lll

Pua Yong Wai (Getah Puaaaa :D)

Me being serious above cause Pua Yong Wai wants to be :X.
Sorry for the total serious face ADUI!
I look seriously weird in here :X
But still....
Hope that we are in the same class next year Yong Wai! :D.

For Mr. Tan! -.- *punch*

Control ~

Leong Rong Fei *bang* :)

Monkey in our class ! =).
Without you, our class will be damn quiet.
Trust me -.-
I didn't talk to you much.
Just sat infront of you once ._.
But still enjoying talking to you sometimes :).

Jolyn & Edward! (:

My dear Karen =D

希望我们的友谊不会改变 =)
唱 K 必定再约 =D
不能推迟! (:

Karen & Jolyn.

Pose time! Yeahh! ^___^

Min Er, Julia, Karen :))

#2 :] cute girls!

爱恋 poster xDDD

Just joking =P.


Me bullying gay grandpa :PPPP!

Gay forever ~

Tang Yi Chuan :)~

Awesome drawer man! :)
Love all of your drawings.
Saw them & also adore.
Hope you study smart & hard.
Wish you the best!
Good Luck! =D.

Fight fight fight ! XDDD

Both "Yi" ;) COOL!

Yong Wai, Turtle with mushroom head, Kai Zen & Edward Guo Xuan =).

Jolyn & Rachel Tan (:

So pretty. *envy* O_O

Siew Mun Teng!!!! =D.

This is also one of my best friend.
Smart, intelligent, know how to think, kind, friendly and much more.
A Super Maths PRO! :D.
Although we are not in the same class,
We also got contact derh :).
This photo look like If we're wedding! ! hahas :P.


Stage of our future. :')

All JR3 =)

I can't believe it!
I used 2 hours to update this post.

-Thanks for reading, I appreciate it-


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