Home sweet home --- Graduation Trip Part 3

Thanks for the ones who read my post,
and to those who are waiting for my post for the past three days :).

I really appreciate what you guys did.

If you didn't read my blog,
Its okay =D.

Lets start for my last day of graduation trip.
This post will be full of words and less pictures.
-7 pictures in a total-

So If you are bored reading,
you can choose not to read.
You like ^^.

18 Nov 2011. Friday.

Happy land,
A.k.a Wonderful Land (Jolyn)
made me woke up on 8:37 in the morning.

We had breakfast 9 in the morning
@ the boy's cabin.
Since we canceled our game,
Paintball >.<"

I don't want to play Paintball.

Cause first, Its suuuuper expensive :(.
RM 80 per person -.-

Second, I don't want to give RM80 just to suffer.
They all said that after Paintball,
you will leave blue-black all over your body,
due to the shots of the paintballs.

So why bother playing it? .__.

After breakfast was free time.
You were all free,
you can do what you want =).

Everyone chose to cycle.
So do I.

We rent our bicycles and started to cycle in the woods.

After free time was over,
Jo, 惟恩 & I cycled along back to our cabin
and pack up our belongings.

Bicycle that I rent =).

Our belongings :))).

Thanks to Yi Chuan for taking this photo below :).

You know what happened then :).

Jia Qi, 永祥哥哥, 时杰哥哥

Our belongings =3

And lastly...

#JR3C 2011

-Words for JR3C -

I really enjoy this trip with you guys along :).
The flying fox, the BBQ & much more.
Although some of our classmates are not here,
ILoveYou guys!

I won't be able to be same class with most of you next year.
Good Luck in all of your future studies!

We will always be us.
JR3C 2011

Our Graduation trip ends with a simple fullstop.


Catch out my next post.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it <3.


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