Last chapter of our book___ JR3C ★

Heeeeeeeeeeeey (:
I am here again.
I posted the most longest post yesterday in here.
And If you haven't read it,
 Click here  to do so!

I am going to post this post before I leave :).
I am going to JR3C class which I thought we cancel :X.

Long story :O.


14 Nov 2011. Monday.

The last day of JR3 :'(, & also Valentines Day!



The pictures.

What-tuh-bring list :).

I apologize for my ugly hand writing :'(.

And I received this little thing,
Made by one of my creative friend,
Thanks! Its so beautiful!
Much loves :3.

front :D.

back :).

Me & Jolyn! (::::

JOLYN. Hello Kittay

focus. (Jolyn's pen :])


Hershey's from YiLing. Thank Kew :).

Hershey's & Jolyn's 毕业特刊

Its meeee!!!! (: yay!

See her, being EMO :(.

Joe Don's place (left) Kai Zen's (right)

Pua Yong Wai, Our monitor & Edward :X

We all graduate! PIECE! ;)

nenenibubu! Cannot see my picture =PPP

Nice shot by Karen Hoi Lam. Nana

Karen Hoi Lam shot :)

4 prefects & me :D. Much love guys! ♥♥♥♥

不要拍了!!! *KUNGFU* :X


Rachel Haw. Gonna miss you :(. Your going to transfer school next year! =(

On the way back home,
Yihong, sat beside me (bus)
Yihong the bus mate ! (:

H for him, V for me.
H: 快点拍啦!!!
V: *takingthecameraout* 要拍了!
I took out my camera...
V: 啊啊啊啊!!!
H: 等下掉下去你就懂!
V: 拍完了! :)))

I always want to have this picture :).
A friendly person made this for the birds =D.
Aww~ how nice =3

-------- --------

I am going to Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam tomorrow.
With Jr3C classmates! ;)

3 days 2 night !
In the wild :P.

Lets have some fun everybody! =).

#Vlogggg! =P

-Thanks for reading, I appreciate it  ^^-

 Next post will be about:
~JR3C 3 days 2 night trip at Taman Pertanian~

bye! =3.


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