Movie Tuesday. ♫

Quite satisfied today,
Cause we watched both movies.

From Thailand

I really like this love movie.
So romantic & touching.
*deeplyinlove * ><


The Smurfs.


Cute & cuddly :3.
I really like the girl smurf :O.
She is adorable!! ^_^

I brought UNO to school today.
Since the perfects approve us to play =D.

Played with,
Shi Min, Nana, 龙哥, Jia Qi, Hamster, Babe, Gay grandpa.
and also, Victoriamy.

Had so much fun with them xD.
The part when Shi Min, Nana & Jia Qi -.-.

I hope there are loads of movies rolling in tomorrow :))).


Saya tahu Christmas belum sampai xO.
But just listen to what Justin Bieber sings :].

Justin Bieber- Mistletoe

Released at November 1 2011.

Hope ya'll enjoy it ^^.
With 's


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