Onces in a life time. -- Graduation trip ♥

I believe that everyone know what day is today :).
And yes you just got the right answer.
A special day.
Once in a life time.
Did you just make a wish on 11pm or 11:11pm? :P
Well, I did. :)

 Jr3C, 2 more days.
 Sat & Mon.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is our graduation day.
I can't believe that time pass so fast.
Just for awhile, JR3C is going to separate.

I just gonna miss you guys!
-From the bottom in my heart-

I will take pictures with you guys tomorrow!
Please accept me as a friend! :D.

Today, we planned our graduation trip.
We can gather together, just once.

To my dear Buddha,
I wish that we can go to the trip.
It is because this is our last time.
Just once we gather around together in a room,
heart to heart talking.
Just once we lock up our friendship before we separate.

We're still JR3C-ians for now, today, forever.

Next post:
Graduation from Junior Life.
Step in Senior life from now on.

-Thanks for reading, I appreciate it-


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