True friend stays --- Graduation Trip Part 2

Hey guys! Its Victoria :3.
So now I am about to post the second day of our trip

And there will be Vlog on this post :).

I apologize for my:

Ugly looks,
Broken English,
Camera quality,
Sound quality,
The way I held my camera.

And not to forget there is still part 3 :D.

17 Nov 2011. Thursday. Ѽ

Good Morning :).
Slept on 10 ++ p.m. and woke up on 6:30 in the morning.
And here we are, (picture below)
eating breakfast on 8a.m
@ the boy's cabin.
and more picture to come.

Breakfast time :))).

Milo :3

Jolyn & my bread :D.


Wern Shien: stole my cup of Milo! Me: teehehe ! :D

Jolyn, still on EMO mode in the morning :X.

After breakfast,
We took a bus, which take us to the main activity of our trip.

Speaking of sky trekking,

On the way to sky trekking!

I have a Vlog here actually,
blogger doesn't allow me to post here,
so.. yep.

Jo beside me, 惟恩&Shin Wei at the back of us ^^

Henry & Fei Yang.

Took it before we arrive :))).

And hello to my Sky Trekking,

I wonder why It doesn't call Monkey trekking .__.

Later on,
Our guide told us fill in the form.
Accidents might happen

accident form ._.

Took our gloves which some were torn by the previous players :(.
And got set up by these MACHINES! -.-

Jolyn with Machines :P

Me with Machines xD.

After that,
Alfred, a person who demonstrate.
He is also a very handsome guy :P.
Thats not the point -.-!

He demo for us.
Its easy as It seems.
We just have to learn 3 things :).

The practice starts!

Thanks to shu thai for the shot :3. Me ugly anyway~

Well, they say, accidents might happen.
The practice only have 7 floor to climb.
But the real one was twice -.-.
14 floors!

Before the real sky trekking.

Participants :)

High indeed.

Me, with fear :(.

Shu Thai, still taking pictures XD

Yi Quan, skinny leh! -.- how jealous!

Yi Quan acting cool with shu thai :D

Jolyn, kawaii des!

I'm up guys! :)) Lots of love.

I felt tired when I was climbing the pipes on the way up :X.
And here are Vlog of mine,
which took very long time to load in here!
You guys must totally appreciate ! :P.

Did I just said FIREFOX -.-
Sorry! Too afraid x(.
Is Flying Fox by the way :P.

Here is Shu Thai (Blue shirt) crossing this horrible bridge

horrible, ain't it? ;)


Omg guys! I keep saying wrong words and sentence!

Jolyn flying fox! Nice shot !

I'm sexy and I know It :PPPP!

Another #Vlog of mine.
Few seconds only :(.


We were very scare at first, but still..

We finally made It till the END!

Thanks to Yi Quan for taking both pictures for us :D.

yeahhh! PIECE


Jolyn & I would like to share something:
其实开始的时候, 看到要飞过去的时候, 有点想倒回去走的 feel =P

When the starting of sky trekking, we knew that we must flying fox over there, we feel like going backward and stop playing :X.


We accomplished our mission! :)

The funny part of flying fox was when I already adapt how to fly,
I keep ask Shu thai & those Malay man there,
Can fly anot! Can fly anot?

I think I fly until crazy! No! Is INSANE!

Its really fun! You guys should try it next time! :D.

-Lunch Time & Skip :P-

After lunch,
We went to rent bicycles :3.
We are going to play the Amazing race.
Which was the second main activity of our trip :).

I don't feel like playing :(.

So, the guide just create another group name
Bus Group -.-
We have Reika as our leader,
Min Er,
Wern Shien,
Jia Wei

At first I thought, well, siting bus was not so bad,
at least we no need to cycle =D.

We walked & run ALL THE WAY!
Yeah, we sat bus...

We have to accomplish 16 missions.
We did 15, not bad for our group yeah :D.
And girls,
I still remember us chasing the bus like crazy women ;).

Our Mission Photo =P

After Amazing Race, we're sweating like hell :(.
All we need right back then was a hot shower!

We had BBQ for dinner :)
@ the girl's cabin.
Since Its more larger than the boy's :D.

Reika, addicted to marshmallows :PPP

Henry, Joe Don, Kai Zen they all -.- playing with the fire

Teacher's place :P

Min Er with mushrooms & potatoes ;)


Me & Jo's chicken :) What a success!

Its a long night talk before going to bed -.-.

I go Happy Land :D. WEE~~


~52 pictures in a total~

Catch out Part 3.
Enjoy ;).


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