Happy New Year's Eve. ♡

Happy New Year's Eve

Today is the last day of this year's last month. *Kinda confused when i said that o___o.
I guess that everyone will be planning a special party or going for countdown to celebrate this day.
I guess I'm the only person who stays at home without countdown or partying, so yep.

And now I have to review what happened this year.

First day step in this class, some classmates already known, some don't.
Very noisy in the class.

Became close friends with my dear Reika :)

Form 3 Sejarah project.
Went to DBKL & took monorail for the first time.

April fooled by 3D's form teacher -.-.
Made our dearest 阿赖 cried, and cheered her up.
Parents Day.

Fully booked month ;).
Included, Sports day & Teacher's day.

Sports Day.

And of course,

Teacher's Day, which end up like High School Children's Day -.-
Also, couple day, 520
Jolyn&me spend it together <3.

2nd Semester Exam.
Hangout with the girls to Midvalley- Wern Shien, Janice, Carmen.
First time Karaoke :).

@ Redbox.

In a relationship with Eugene
IU day and saw him the first time.

My babe. Iloveher! ♥♥♥♥♥♥


August 4th, baby's birthday.
Sorry unable to celebrate with you :'(.

School Open Day -.-

PMR trial result looked like shit to me :).

Cousin sister's wedding :)

Nervous for PMR & UEC.
You guys studying, I am playing (= ω =)

Cousin brother wedding !

Not to forget,
UEC exam.

We fought whole month for both shitty exams :( 
But, It finally ended on 24th October.

A memorable month for all Junior 3 students.
Also for us, JR3C 2011.

Junior Graduation.

Last Day of JR3C.

JR3C Trip @ Taman Pertanian. Ѽ

We graduated and went for a trip together.
Came back home with a bag of salt, brought a bag of salts to kill leeches.
//Only  TohJolyn knew about the salt.
Also, so long Junior, and here I come Senior.

Unhappy month for me, I pray it to be good, turns out, Suck.
Spent Christmas Eve alone, spent Christmas alone.

I don't want to spend this day alone.

Here's another proposal video.



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