Merry Christmas Eve.

Hello my dear readers,
If some of you out there are reading :/.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hmm, facebook kaki countdown for Christmas.
Some went to other places for countdown.

And how do I spend my Christmas Eve actually?

The picture below explains everything today.

 Eating hotcups and watching Ice Age 


Even though having a bf.

Changed my layout yesterday night,
hope you guys enjoy it..

I know there is no one reading...
forever alone :'(.


I guess thats all for today.

Stay Tune.

Please help me to click the Nuffnang Ad.

Its easy to do It,
I'll show you :).

Click to Enlarge the picture If need.*

Thanks for helping!

Here's a song for ya'll.

Jay Park- Girlfriend.

Can't stop watching the Mv & listening this song.
This guy so romantic to his girlfriend.

Bye; <3


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