Run love run !

Johor one day trip with family yesterday :D.
Started our engines when 2p.m. xD.
 Took 3 hours to reach there =3=.

Went to this open-air shopping mall~

And went Kampachi for dinner (¯﹃¯)

From the decorate to the food,
I can tell that this restaurant was awesome :D.

Click here for Kampachi :3

After leaving xD.

Came back in midnight,
suuuuuuuuuper late.

And received my UEC result.
Feel satisfied about it,
although it was not so good :).

So, yep.

Result doesn't represent that you are smart, 
It just represent how hard you work to achieve the goal :)

Do you agree what I said? ;)

Also, I change facebook new layout, TimeLine.
Call me crazy,
but I think facebook new layout is just my style ><

click the picture enlarge it :3

Bye guys.
Hope you enjoy my post.


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