Your beautiful, Being you ♡

101211. Sat

Outing with my dear friend, Michelle :),
 @ Midvalley.
I woke up on 10.30 a.m. to get ready.
Omg, tired indeed (´Д`)

We grabbed snacks from Carrefour

And then watched  
Breaking Dawn, Part 1

Its AWESOME ! v(≧▽≦)v

Michelle & me :).

I froze after watching the movie (= ω =)

After that, we visited MPH carnival :).

MPH Carnival

Crowded there >.<"

We get some food @ Jusco (¯﹃¯).
 We got Tako Tao for lunch :).
While we were going to sit down and eat,
Michelle's parents called and she rushed home :(.

So yeah.
Bought Sushi & Big Apple Donuts for myself ↖(^ ω ^)↗.

Outfit for that day =3.

I became a fan of someone, yep.
And If you notice my facebook, you'll know.

And there he is,

Thanks for reading,
I appreciate It.

Please do follow, Thank Q


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