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I have never ever update my blog on this kind of time before. Its four in the morning. Malaysia time.
I just can't sleep. I rolled on my bed got a hundred times, I think.
This post will be full of words & links! hahaha.
Just read Jolyn's newest post and well, It really touched my heart. Full of words, but worth reading.

Actually, 2012 is not the best year for me... Just same same like the previous years. I felt same. BUT!!!! My values about people, school, study etc changed a lot this year. People said I mature. Maybe a lot of problems keep attacking me through this year that I can't hide but to face it with a machine gun of solutions! BANG BANG! ;).
Anyway, lets get in the topic shall we???? :D. There are links that lead to that post on every month, click to read when you're bored or you want to know more about me! :)

January. First day of school and I already felt worse. Without my bestie Jolyn and my stupid grandpa Yihong. Life totally spin me around. I have to …

Winter Solstice ☺

Gosh this is late. I apologize... My wrong, my bad :(.

21/12/12. Normal Friday.

World End didn't happen like us expect.
To be honest, I didn't expect anything to happen. Buildings fell, Tsunami, cracked roads etc. None.
Think positive.

Celebrated winter solstice in a typical way.
Eat Tang Yuen. Nothing special.
This was how my bowl of Tang Yuen looks like.

You jelly? xD.
How about yours? :)

Did nails with my sister on 22/12/12.

Really fail. haha.
My class on 2013.

Click to exlarge.
You should try this! :3

Sorry for a late wishing.
But still,


-From Happy Wheels.

Try playing this game.
For full version, click here.

❥ Victoria Yuen.

Christmas Eve X the gang ❤

Aloha big big world! :) ♥
I wanna say Merry Christmas Eve to my awesome, marvelous, amazing, and loyal readers for supporting my blog (Only for my readers.) Just joking! But to the W-O-R-L-D! (>‿♥)
But seriously, you guys are THA BEST ! :D.

Who's going to countdown for Christmas?
Its okay to countdown with yourself. Its okay that you're single, I mean, nothing wrong with the status SINGLE right? :). As long as you all enjoy the process of counting down.

I felt lucky today cause I spent my Christmas Eve with the gang.
We planned this event a month ago, I think.
I thought its going to end, pulling the curtains down, the show is over. BUT!!!! I'm very glad that everyone I invited show up for the event.
Thanks to Jolyn, Wen Hao, Yihong, Chin Kiet & Yichuan.

Sorry lack of photos, no time plus those guys. #Guysbeingguys.
Went Pancake House with Jolyn for lunch since all of us agree not to watch movie.
Separated with the boys =.=lll.

We're more than just great pancakes…

A Day Before World End

Click click my Nuffnang! :) ♥
Yes, went one day trip to Morib, Gold Coast with ze family before world end.
Actually, this so called "World End" is a myth to me.
Maybe you will say, "Don't be a liar, I know ya'll afraid the world to end."
I can only say If you don't believe it, this shyt won't even happen :). Danke (Thank You in German ; and you're right, I translate through Google.) I have to say Google is a great translator.
Click here to try it yourself. Sometimes I even use Google to finish off my Malay essay, hehehe ( ̄▽ ̄)~*.

First stop, Morib.
Went to Man Leong to have seafood~
Okay, photo time ♥.

Me and sis.
Next stop, Gold Coast.

Mom and Dad.

Sunset ❤
Tea time~


Toodles ♥.
Stay tune my next post! :D.

Victoria Yuen.

121212 ✦ Little Things.

Kindly give a click on my nuffnang ad, thank you peeps! ;-)
121212 ★
Personality, I don't know what so special about this date.
You can say I am a dumb person. But still I don't think its special or what so... haha. forgive me.

Have you ever listen to a song name Little Things?
Click here for the music video.
Click here for lyrics video.

Directioners don't scream -.-.
Non-directioners, put down your weapons please.
I am not a directioner and I don't have any idol.

The point is, I wanna show all of you, how precious little things are.
Have you ever did one of these things below?

and much more little things that I didn't list it out.
If you did some of these things in this list. Well,you're a person that is full of happiness.
So don't keep thinking, Why am I ugly? Why is she popular? and get rid of those negative thoughts.
Be a person who knows how to appreciate the little things.
Who says little things are not important? ;).

Monochrome. I'm addicted.

Thank …

Simple celebration. ♥

Just a simple birthday celebration with the Twins :D.
Why yes, my cousin sister are twins if your asking.

Chio face.
Ignore my fats :/. Everyone is waiting for the arrival of Christmas.
Went some random restaurant for dinner :).


Just a simple post today.
Sorry, no surprises :<...
Thank you for reading (✿◠‿◠)

❥ Victoria heart you :).