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NUFFNANG AD!! Thank kew :) 28Jan2012.

Yo! :)
Finally found something new to update ♥ !

ChineseNewYear partay @ my cousin's house.
She moved away from her family and live with her husbanddd, start their new life ♥ . Good luck to you too ^^.

Her doggieee! (Y) :').

The living room with big big tv -.-.

Living room deco :3.

Later then, the grown ups play firework -.-. My cousin also join them. Apa lah orang ini -.-.
Like the house exploded. BOOM BOOM BOOM. People car alarm also BIU BIU BIU LOL xD.

The fireworks! (Y)
It was nice, yet blurrr! OMG sorry. Camera quality bad.

Aunties Uncles starting to ask me the PMR results again. Sien -.-.
Saw children there and wanted to take picture with them, but they run away from me while I activated my camera. They were like :" EEEE! JIEJIE BULLY ! " then hide in the house and locked the door. #LikeALouSai -.-

My cousin menghias her house with decorations. From in to out -.-.
Once again, outer deco :).

I'm good girl.
I don't drink…

I need you, you need me, lets make it work.


Heeeelloooo :).
Gaaah! ;( today is the last day of us students celebrating Chinese New Year, so do what you wanna do today! or else Its too late.
Actually I forgot I have to go to school -.-.
Boring day~
Later have Chinese New Year dinner with coussssies again :D.
See my face? *belowbelowbelow :P

My boring face -_____-.

Just watched a video on facebook, wtfff! So damn funny xD.

I found a new song from the radio the other day :).

Charice Charice Charice! (Y) :D.

Till then, CIAO <3 :).

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Picture of the day:


Nuffnang Ad please :(.
Hello world ♥
Another ChineseNewYear post :D. Hope you won't mindddd :P.

So yeah my cousin came to my house the other day.
Then she crunched up all the packet of food in my house. *MeMosta.

Then my cousin's family started the compliment also insult me at the same time :).

"Waa, how come you so tall?"
"But you look oldddddddddd...... "

Yes, I look old in real life. But some people say I young, like 14 -.-lll.
So then, they started to ask THA QUESTIONS.

"How old are you liao arh... -.-.. orh 16 arh.. PMR how many A's?"
"What class are you now?"
"What is Sr1A .__."

After asking tha questions, my cousin & my sister, also me, finally escape from the  town of curiousity .
And headed to upstair -.-.

Took picture ! :3.
She edited this picture xD.
Look how idiot me! :(.

After they left, the ROUND TWO relatives came here -.-.
They stepped in our house and took off their shoes or sandals *LikeALouSai.


大家新年快乐 :). 此刻已是龙年. 昨天是初一, 今天是初二.

先送你一个新年样 xD. (在试衣室= =)


 =). 我要微笑.. 不要因为不开心的事情发生而不开心.

New Years Eve. ☺

Nuffnang Ad please =)

Reunion dinner just now.

Tomorrow is ChineseNewYear & also Ally's Birthday :D.
Excited! :3. Hope many relative visit my house and many angpau (red packet).
Angpau mari mari (¯﹃¯) LOL :P.

Many people balik kampung. Unlike me -___-||. My babe also back kampung! :(. For 5 days! Imma cry! :'(
So gonna miss her ♥♥♥.

Valentine'sDayMarriage. ♥

January 14,
First month of Valentines day.

They married.
They started their new life together.

An old song that played during the wedding dinner :).

Yaaaaaaaaaaaam Seeeeeeeeeeeng! :P.

ChineseNewYear coming.

Current Profile Picture. ♥

Officially 16. ♔ : Part 2

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January 08.

Celebrated my 16th @Jogoya with my family members that day :).
I have no idea why I came up with, eating buffet this kind of idea -.-.

So, the buffet was very expensive. No more buffet after this year T.T.
I am crazy about oyster since I was like, 10 maybe.
When I got in there, I kept searching for the oysters and finally I saw it, and grab grab grab like crazy! XD. *GRABLIKEABOSS

See see! They also provide Ice-cream. Eat how much also can :D!

I also made myself a waffle with Ice-cream ♥
Ice-cream fail -___-|||.

Anyway, chocolate fountain was also AWESOME(S)! (Y) ! ^____^

Well actually I didn't eat the macaroons.
What lah! -.- They charge money leh.
So I took a picture to 望梅止渴. LOL.

And this boink boink jelly xD.
I don't know what it's name is! It's round in shape and looks like it can bounce if you throw it on the floor. So I call it boink boink jelly xD.

Somehow the boink boink jelly is related to SKII.

Throw a coin…