Complication. xx

Just a random picture to start off my day.
Second day of school..
I'm charged up today, just now slept of course (¯﹃¯)
But still no mood again..
It start out a boring day without Jolyn ):

Every first recess Its the best moment of my life ! xD
Cause I get to meet with Jolyn :3.
We talked a lot of such things.
We can talk about anything + me doing actions to make her laugh.
Once talk, never stop.


I want back my holidays, can I have it :'(?

The most memorable teacher is 严老师.
I can say that she 人如其名.
Means her name is as same as her personality.
Sorry I don't know how to explain -.-.
She is strict! .___.
But I believe she is a good teacher.

Sorry baby.
I have no time there for you :(.
Everyday come back from school, so tired and unhappy..

I don't want this year to be unhappy..
I just don't feel like going back to school.
I dislike that school.
I want to get out since form 1 -.-ll

So yeah.. :'(.
& again. sad lah weih.

-Nuffnang Ad please-


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