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Hello world
Another ChineseNewYear post :D. Hope you won't mindddd :P.

So yeah my cousin came to my house the other day.
Then she crunched up all the packet of food in my house. *MeMosta.

Then my cousin's family started the compliment also insult me at the same time :).

"Waa, how come you so tall?"
"But you look oldddddddddd...... "

Yes, I look old in real life. But some people say I young, like 14 -.-lll.
So then, they started to ask THA QUESTIONS.

"How old are you liao arh... -.-.. orh 16 arh.. PMR how many A's?"
"What class are you now?"
"What is Sr1A .__."

After asking tha questions, my cousin & my sister, also me, finally escape from the  town of curiousity .
And headed to upstair -.-.

Took picture ! :3.
She edited this picture xD.
Look how idiot me! :(.

Herself xD.

GAAAAH! She said she love this one :/

My smile, WADATTTT :'(

After they left, the ROUND TWO relatives came here -.-.
They stepped in our house and took off their shoes or sandals *LikeALouSai.
They then grabbed all our drinks and *DRINKALLTHESOFTDRINKS!
Vacancy in my house for dust to build a warm & cosy home -___-. wtf.

NEHHHH! This naughty boy.
When he came to my house keep:" JIEJIE, ZOMBIESSS! "

This little girl lehhh, keep using her hands to strangle me, and tried to murder me. I almost die. *MOTHEROFGOD. wtf :/.
She doesn't want to take pictures, so she tried to murder me. 先下手为强 :D.

Curi curi took her picture! BUAHAHAHA *LikeALouSai :P.
She thought I took her picture, well actually I did *rolleyes :X. I still lie to her I delete already XD. Actually I have plenty of them left ;). *ILIED :X.

Then 4 of us played UNO & Happy family -.-.


And after she noticed me, then she strangle me to death :D.


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