Far Distance .

6 days, without friends, busy in paper work.Chatted with Yihong. I missed him alot :'(. His pervert jokes, silly laugh and pimple-ish face :P. I felt better and loud when in Science Class. A funny machine and active person there. But in Art Class, I died half inside everyday...

Sometimes I thought about silly things, like today. Took school individual picture today. OMG I look so damn shit weird :/. The discipline teacher checked our hair. Oh yeah, passed ;). My smile doesn't look natural, It just fake out somehow. I don't feel like smiling...

At first I thought that someone was a friend to me. But the other second she just did something awful and sad to me. I will remember what you said...

Sorry for being a boring blogger.. I have no potential to blog, but I am willing to bring out my feelings through writing it. At first I thought that, YES! SENIOR YEAR! FINALLY! :D. And now I scream in my heart:" I MISS JR3C 2011. " Am I choosing the right decision? Will I be regret in the future? I keep asking myself about these things. I changed alot, from outside to inside. I keep thinking about things, even when I am going to sleep... I-just-can't-stop-thinking. Because Sernior Life is too sudden for me. Maybe I am not into it yet.. I don't know..

I don't know who can I talk to.. I think that we are not like that anymore.. I feel like only myself everyday.. Its touched when the girl who is sitting infront of me turned back and said:" 你好像很安静喔.. " and I gave her a random answer:" 没什么东西好讲 " with friendly smile. And after that she turned back to the front and start talking to her friends again :(.

Your so distant to me...
I don't know how to tell you, what I felt inside.. I felt alone.. I just let myself busy to forget about everything.. I want someone to talk to.. But you just talk to me when you wanted and then throw me aside when you don't need me..

Maybe I am born to be alone... forever alone... :'(.

这种感觉... 不好受.



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