Happy Birthday Eve ❤

13 minutes countdown :).
Call me narcissistic, but today is my Birthday Eve! :D.
 So say "Happy Birthday" to me, NOW! XD

Current time from my computer is 11:51p.m.,
so yep, 9 minutes to go >~<

I'm glad and also don't glad that I am born on January, a starting month of the year :'(.

I'm glad because I get to learn how to drive earlier than other people, so yea, MUAHAHAHA xD
I'm not glad cause everyone forgets, so yep :/.

But no matter what, thanks to my mommy, who give birth to me, take care me, love me, raise me.
Also my daddy, who earns money for our family, support me in studies and you name it :).

They are the most awesome people in my life.

So, 4 minutes to go :)
And I'm sixteen ! (Y)

I'm always curious how my sixteen birthday will be :/
But now I can feel it, as long as my family, my best friend and my other half beside me :D.

Loveyouguysthemost! (Y)

1 more minute and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME =3


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