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Deleted the previous post.

I don't know.
I always thought that the beginning of my Senior Life will be good, I will have many friends, someone that I can talk to, smile and laugh with. But actually turns out not-what-I-had-expected. Guess you guys were spending these 4 days happy, smiling or with joy? But I can tell mine was worse.

Okay, I bet no one except my babe Jolyn will be willing to read my sadness and mumbling to myself through this blog. Ps: I know my blog is boring. I won't blame you cause I knew it too.

Through out these 4 days of school, I kept my mouth shut without talking unless I am with Jolyn or Joey or other old friends I knew. Shit happens to my form 4 life which I am trying to make it better. I have no one to chit-chat too. No one willing to come by my side and freaking talk to me! OMS what a loser!! :(.

I really miss Jolyn babe, Yihong, etc. They are like part of my everyday(s) when I am in form 3 :(. How I miss form 3 life. The way Jolyn & I laughed until us gone insane with a random joke and fought with Yihong about girl facts. Girl facts Vs Guy facts. But mostly I am the right one xP. We're very damn shit close. And Wern Shien, Jia Wei, Shin Wei, Rachel for being such kind and nice girls to me. Also many more friends I had fun with.

We don't quite have school work these days. Just randomly copy notes, buying books and other payment stuff is to be done. After a week, I bet school work will occupy my time, space. Mostly the time I can chat with my hubby also will be occupy too! :'(. Shit lah weih :/. But don't be scare hubby, I will squeeze my free time to talk to you!!! ><

Saw facebook posting pictures. I don't log in to facebook everyday like I used to. Just if I have free time, well, yeah I will. Just wanna speak something out loud.

Every girl is beautiful, no matter how she looks. Single eye lid, flat nose, thick lips.. (I am like, pointing out my own features -.-) I tell you, YOUR BEAUTIFUL, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.
Boys that has girlfriend, please appreciate her... Don't blame her being ridiculous and insecure sometimes. She just wants you to care. That is her point for being mad.

My hubby, EugeneJoey, please take care of yourself :).
I'm not angry of you :).
Once again, drink more water, rest more, big boy liao, takecareofyourself :3, don't online too much~, no junk food, no sweets/chocolate, no cakes >.<, eat medicine in time.

I am like your mommy you know? >.<
Piggy lai derh! >3

Sorry for feeling bad mood.. I have a little stress in my senior life.

Thats all for today.

*Nuffnang Ad pretty please with cherry on top o_o*
Thank Kew~


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