Officially 16. ♔ : Part 2

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January 08.

Celebrated my 16th @ Jogoya with my family members that day :).
I have no idea why I came up with, eating buffet this kind of idea -.-.

So, the buffet was very expensive. No more buffet after this year T.T.
I am crazy about oyster since I was like, 10 maybe.
When I got in there, I kept searching for the oysters and finally I saw it, and grab grab grab like crazy! XD. *GRABLIKEABOSS

See see! They also provide Ice-cream. Eat how much also can :D!

I also made myself a waffle with Ice-cream
Ice-cream fail -___-|||.

Anyway, chocolate fountain was also AWESOME(S)! (Y) ! ^____^

Well actually I didn't eat the macaroons.
What lah! -.- They charge money leh.
So I took a picture to 望梅止渴. LOL.

And this boink boink jelly xD.
I don't know what it's name is! It's round in shape and looks like it can bounce if you throw it on the floor. So I call it boink boink jelly xD.

Somehow the boink boink jelly is related to SKII.

Strawberry yogurt cake :)

another round stuff ! :O

I have no idea what is this -.-

Simply grab this green tea pudding -___-||

Throw a coin, make a wish.

I'll end up my post with a video :)

Okie Thanks reading :)
Catch out the next post~
Ciao <3


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