When I stop searching for love, I found you.

Hello everyone :).
I'm back! :D. Finally I have the time to post >_<.
These days homework. Actually not so busy, just that I AM LACK OF SLEEP! I need to charge up myself. Saturday school again. Moral Laporan -.-.
Just wanna shout, FORM 4 LIFE CRAZY ><
I feel like sleeping every time in school.

My face while teacher teaching :).

Okay. Freaking tired.

So everyday I come home, I will be like jumping over the sofa (like picture above) and sleep there -.-
. LMAO :X.

January 14, Diary Valentine's Day.

The first Valentine's Day in 2012.
We didn't get to celebrate together, but Its okay. At least I have to spent it with you :).


Your not perfect, but Iloveyou.

If you are willing to try, I will follow.

I'll end this post with a comedy video :P.

-Nuffnang Ad clicky! :D-


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