Beautiful Violet.

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She was just a beautiful young woman, name Violet. With pure white skin and hair that is as dark as the night sky. Big and sympathy eyes that any other man would fall for. Beautiful Violet was attracted by him. A man with quiet eyes and dangerous, sexy smile. They fell for each other and decided to get married one day. A gloomy, dark night, not even a single sound but sob and tearing voice from a young woman. That was Violet who had been left alone to suffer the sorrow and sadness, by him.

Hey guys, do you enjoy the story that I wrote? :D.
I know something is titchy lah :/. Sorry! My English not so good.
Its a sad story for those who are suffering by a broken heart which is hard to fix in a short period of time.

Single doesn't mean your alone, It only mean that you are strong enough to survive without relying on someone. :D

That is a V quote.
And If you have no idea what a "V quote" means. It means that quotes created by yours truly ;).
I just want to give all of my readers some advice on how your life, or love life.
#NotAnExpertButWillingToShare *roleseyes* :P

Valentines Day coming, who wanna be my Valentine? :P. Haha, joking! Once again, I have no Valentine this year. For those who are still single, okay, your in a distant relationship with your other half, sometimes, dating early also not a good thing ;). For those are in a relationship, dating. Appreciate your other half, don't argue because of small things. Boys, don't ALWAYS HOLD YOUR PRIDE. Let it go if you love her. Understand it and do it. Girls, don't always order your bf to do this do that for you, its not a girl thing :).

His quiet eyes, sexy, dangerous smile.

now I'm standing here, hoping that you will look back.

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