Easy in love, hard to forget.

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School has been busy, quizzes, projects, homeworks :(.
I cry for my Pm teacher, she has to mark like about 500++ project papers :/.
SR1A, I starting to like and get used in this class ^^. Especially History, Oscar -.-lll.

Anyway, quite free now~
Here's a song from my "sister", Victoria Justice :P.
Same name with her, but she is prettier, slimmer, perfect than me T.T.

Victoria Justice- Begging on your knees

One symbol for this song, (Y)! ;).
Today drawing with Yi Mein. She drew carrot, cute carrot xD. I drew a MONSTER -.-.
I our Maths teacher!

Lalala, I saw you today! Aww... your so cute ><. But she said that your a naughty and bad person :/. Naughty is cute xD. I think your a very talented and nice person , even though I don't really know you in real life.

:). Smile~


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