I secretly wish that we never go apart.

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Saturday, 新春庙会.
Whole day with Jolyn and Jiayin :).
We lazy to walk around eventhough Its an opportunity to. We found a corner and sat there, doing nothing, chit-chat. Then Yi Chuan came and girly chat with us also xD.

 Mr. Yi Chuan, thanks for your 麦芽糖, Lychee flavor (Y) !

The stupid candy keep stick to my upper teeth, they are in love!! -.-. The only funny thing was only Shi Min & my candy sticking on our teeth, jia yin & jolyn ate like normal people :X. We ate like SEAMONSTERS .___.
Seamonster doesn't matter =3=.

Later on Yew Keat, Shu Thai joined us.
Basically, our condition were like this that day.
Shu Thai sleeping, Yi Chuan eating candy, Jia Yin bored-ing and try to sleep with my jacket, Jolyn still eating candy :X, Me trying to find topic and Yew Keat decorate the dashboard of school -.-.

Jolyn, Jiayin and myself waited for very long to get back to class -.-.
Then finally lah ! :D.
I am always @ Science class having fun. Jolyn, Jiayin, Gay granpa Yihong, Loohor, Stella, Yun Wei lol, and more ~ ^^

After school, took bus back home with Constance :3.

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