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Je T'aime Sunshines!
A fresh post coming out soon ;).
Guess what day is today?

Everyone knows it. Its...

Happy Valentines Day.

Single&Proud. Muack xD!
To be honest, this year's Valentines Day is a very happy day!
Today is A-W-E-S-O-M-E PEOPLE! :D. *BounceandjumplikeaSeamonster :).
Went to Jolyn's class after I settle down my bags and books. Brought my pack of candy along with me too ^^.

-历史记载, 杜若宁于 2012 年 2 月 14 日 (情人节) 第一位接受我糖果的人-

xD. 4th floor no electric. Kc no pay electric bill :X. LOL :P.
I gave lollipop to many people, like Santa Claus, but mine is Victoria Claus :D. He HOHOHO I HAHAHA -.-.  20++ lollipop in a bag, after going to Science class, went back to my class, left 6++ lollipop -.-.

I also received some candy from friend.
Thanks to these lovely babes: Chow Jiayin, Nini Xin Yi, Min Er, Chin Yen, Sook San, Michelle Wai.

Also thanks for Kimberly's raisin chocolates & Wan Lih's pineapple biscuit :3.
And thanks to teacher's or 董总 for giving me 3 FREE books and wanted us to study for some competition for Valentines Day. Thank you, I appreciate It :/.

I finally know your full name :X. I love your pencil box, so cuteee! :3. I love your glasses too ^^.

I can't wait to see you again. <3

-Nuffnang Ad please ^^-


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