Lets scream.

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Hello Sunshines !

Hangout with my babe Jolyn @ Midvalley yesterday.
We met @ GSC (Golden Screen Cinema). We bought the tickets for Journey 2. Very front sit! #NOMORENEXTTIME :(.

We walked around and search for accessories shop. My legs almost break into half while searching Diva -.-. Eventually we found It of course =3. First time, we found a rubberband that has "BESTIES". We were very excited xD and kept point on the band saying:" THIS THIS! " :X.

After we saw a more nice + cute bracelet hanging there. I was like, "nah, we should buy the bracelet -.-. " HAHA! Then we bought the bracelets for RM36. WTF, expensive :(. First time bought an expensive bracelet SIA :/.

Our bracelet.

 Its worth, as long as we're best friends <3.

1:15p.m. , our ticket

We watched Journey 2.

The Trailer.

The movie was very funny :X. First time a movie that made me laugh.
Ways to get a girl: Move your abs xD.
That part was the most memorable and funny :X. Galbeto was very cute and funny xD.

After movies, we went to Dubu-Dubu for lunch. Korea food.

To be honest, this dish was quite nice. Like cheesy pizza o.o. Anyway, (Y) :P.

My babe Jolyn & me :D.
-The one who will be crazy and weird with me, smarter, cute, kind than me, who always deny that she is pretty, but I'm always true ^___^. Most important, The one who lives with me in every adventure stories.
MeHer :3.

Do visit her blog too, she's one comedian :P.

Lastly, myself :). I asked Jolyn to camewhore herself, she said not in the mood! >< or sure got two person, not just me -.-. #F.alone :/.

Victoria Says: Stay strong, think positive, don't let hollow swallow you.

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