Liar's Surprise. ❤

Hello dears.
Someone birthday today :3.

TohJolyn, Happy 16th Birthday!

Celebrated with her @ school.
First recess.
I went to Rach's class with matches. We took the cake out from the box and put candle on it. Then I asked many friends of mine to help me take a look whether Jolyn is back from changing :).

So she's back, we all lighted up the candle and carry the cake from Rach's class to Jolyn's :). Scared those prefects, dog lai de :/. Went to the back door holding the cake, "Happy Birthday... " I started singing. Behind no one follow me -.-. Then plan 1 fail:" Eh, My gang where?" LOL -.-. 1st time sing Birthday song fail.

Finally they came, and we sang together. English, Chinese, Cantonese version also got :D. Jolyn make wish, and cut cake then blew candle, woooo! HappySweet16 Dear ! :3

The day before I lied to her I have quiz and could not come ^^. Actually I wanted to give you surprise lah~
Also very thanks to Rachel Si Jing, Pei Geng for buying the cake.

Picture above by 惠雯

Happy Birthday Babe! I never celebrate birthday with my friends before, and your the first time! (Y) :D. So glad. Still say your birthday no one celebrate with you -.-. Nahhh! Now you can see ! Got Jing, Me, 惠雯, Song Wei, Wan Lih and the girl who cuts the cake (IDK whats her name, tomorrow go ask -.-). Still got cake xD. See!! haha. Thanks for being crazy with me all times. We're like SOR POS. Actually only I am the SOR PO, your the quiet SOR PO LOLLLL. Valentines we celebrate together :3. I don't want forever alone T.T. Thanks for being a great person in my life, a true friend~ Also always deny yourself is pretty, nice, kind and smart, no need to deny, I am most true ^^. Today happy anot? :D. I still have to pay for the cake lae... You guys eat dou very SHUANG ORH =____=.

Words can't hurt you, only if someone important to you says it.

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