NUFFNANG AD!! Thank kew :)

Yo! :)
Finally found something new to update !

ChineseNewYear partay @ my cousin's house.
She moved away from her family and live with her husbanddd, start their new life . Good luck to you too ^^.


Her doggieee! (Y) :').

The living room with big big tv -.-.

Living room deco :3.

Later then, the grown ups play firework -.-. My cousin also join them. Apa lah orang ini -.-.
Like the house exploded. BOOM BOOM BOOM. People car alarm also BIU BIU BIU LOL xD.

The fireworks! (Y)
It was nice, yet blurrr! OMG sorry. Camera quality bad.

Aunties Uncles starting to ask me the PMR results again. Sien -.-.
Saw children there and wanted to take picture with them, but they run away from me while I activated my camera. They were like :" EEEE! JIEJIE BULLY ! " then hide in the house and locked the door. #LikeALouSai -.-

My cousin menghias her house with decorations. From in to out -.-.
Once again, outer deco :).

I'm good girl.
I don't drink, smoke, gamble or fight :D.
I don't fight, I hit person only.

Since those children locked up themselves inside the house #LikeALouSai, so I took my own photo #ForeverAlone.

Later then, my daddy brought us to a Hong Kong steamboat restaurant to have steamboat (Y)  (¯﹃¯)

Steamboat!!!! I miss It :'(.

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