Umm, yes? :)

Stay happy, even your about to cry.

I don't wanna say this, but sigh.. What happened this year? I thought is our honeymoon year? .__. How come teachers keep shovel homework, projects, quizzes to us? Then later on nag us for not doing it -.-. Okay, I'm running away from home this Saturday :X.

Presentation tomorrow, ALLTHEBEST .
I don't know what to post -.-. Just come here and release my stress. Okay, I know no one will read this kind of crap right here right?

Jolyn finally update! :/ And changed her blogskin too :D.
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Best Friends,
Doesn't matter how you look, act.
Be crazy with you.
Give you confidence and hope.
Listen to you.
Tell you every secrets.
Never spread your secrets.
Enjoy and appreciate the times when with you.
Cheer you up when your sad.
Create weird languages and words.
Law of attraction xD.
Have at least one best friend chain, bracelet, ring etc.

Who want go out with me, come come book time ! :D. I'm serious :).

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