You never know me, like I know you.

I don't know what to post -.-.
Ah, YES! :D.
Me being a candy santa again :). I gave candy to those who didn't receive while Valentines Day. Some had received, but they still want candy xD, so yep, gave them ^^.
Embarrassing day T.T. Once again, AIYOOOOOOOO! -.-
And also, Thanks everyone for clicking my nuffnang ad, continue clickinggg! :). Thanks You Very Muchhhh!

Every Malaysian knew that right? I totally support... The Perhimpunan Hijau!

As a Malaysian, I hope that the Government can use his brain to think of us, rakyat. I am not scolding you, I'm just speaking loud like other Malaysians as well. Do you know when you build those Kilang Lynas, It will damage our lives. Everything will get unstable and will be devastate.

Why us, rakyat mesti menentang Lynas ini?
Just a drop of liquid, everything will be cacat, humans, animals, plants. The land will also not be used.


Here's a video to laugh after this serious matter.

By JustKiddingFlims. (Y)

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我不要被鞭尸 TT


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