Boom shakalaka =3.

Nuffnang Ad, help click! :3. Thank kew.

Hai darlings :).
Exam just end.
Means yay!
Last day, Bm. Simply do :/. Don't know how DIE how to spell yet xD.

No going out. Just stay @ home, dating with my internet.
Going out after exam is a KC Traditional, I can say.
After exam, students will either hang out in Midvalley or Timesquare. Maybe some
go to Pavilion, Sunway Pyramid.

Sorry to my babe Loohor & Constance.
Next time I will go with you both! ><

Starting to like Bigbang.

Boomshakalaka :3

One Direction- One thing.

hehe. Thats all for today :).

成绩成绩要听听话话, please :').


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